Destroying Our National Monuments

Well they are at it again

Wanting to strip our wild places

and desecrate lands where

animals roam and people play

all for the sake of profit and greed.

Where will it end?

What will be left ?

Why aren’t we learning what is real?


Please speak out against this plan. Let your representatives know this is a dangerous direction for America to take.

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To the mother who told her child it was okay not to share his toys  on the playground, I understand where she is coming from. As a child, every time I shared items with others they were returned damaged.  This taught me to be careful with whom I let borrow my possessions .

This doesn’t mean I never share, but the mother makes a point about boundaries. ¬†Setting limits is important and not everything in life is about inclusion .

Being taught to respect other’s feelings and property is important and when someone says they don’t want to participate in something, ¬†this needs to be listened to and adhered to. This goes for personal items and your body.

Sharing is fine, and children should learn to work with others,  but that doesn mean consent should be or is automatic.


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She was there

Watching baby flap it’s wings

Waiting for the male

Waiting for a next meal.

Over he flew

Talons empty, one scream

One fly over,

Not this time

Meals aren’t always easy.

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Earth Day Celebrate Our Planet

Tomorrow run in the grass, admire the flowers that are blooming along the roadways, and those sprouting in your backyard.

Watch for the birds that fly and sing and fill our days with joy. Do what you can to conserve, recycle, and reuse.

Support those groups that fight for our natural resources,  our parks, and our national  wildlife areas.

Celebrate our lands and give praise for the beauty around us.


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Stop The Madness In Alaska

They want to gas them in their dens

Leave them to die

Families of canines

Trapped by the hate that allows

Such viciousness to exist.

We must stop them

Those that believe

That nature doesn’t matter

That animals are not like us

When nothing is farther

From the truth.

We are one

Until the end of time.

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First Monarch Middle April

It flew before me

Like a knight of silence

Fresh and bright

As if just born

In a springtime

Full of summer heat.

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Alaska’s Killing Bill

The Bill has been signed that allows animal’s such as wolves, bears and their entire families to be killed in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. This is so disgraceful there are no words to adequately describe this horrific idea.

We have now allowed these creatures to be killed by any means possible, such as aerial gunning and poisoning.

Congress and the President should be ashamed but instead they feel they have done something of importance. How wrong they are.

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