Kate and Baby Happiness

One must admit that Kate Middleton and her hubby sure look happy. If there was ever a more serene face than Kate’s I don’t know it.

She is radiant and it is so nice to know that William was by her side the whole time. Something delightful indeed in a world filled with so much turmoil and strain.

Happy birthday little Prince George.

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Today hopes resides in my heart.

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Wolves May Get a Chance

Wolves have been spared, at least for the moment, from being delisted from the Endangered Species Act.

This is a precarious situation. A decision on this was suddenly halted, but the reason is unclear.

Hopefully the current administration is seeing the light on this issue. That removing such beautiful animals from protections is actually a detriment to our country’s history and future. As is the way of nature, predator and prey both need to exist in order to continue the world’s balance.

The pressure needs to continue to support the survival of wolves. Contacting your officials is vital to this effort. The elimination of the Endangered Species Act is a bad road for any animal struggling in today’s fast paced world. Animals need extra help as their lands are stripped and their resources are eliminated. Imagining an environment with no animals is a devastating thought. If we don’t help them, that is where it is headed.

That is why we need to act now. Help support these smart creatures.

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Mini Thoughts-May 3, 2013

Just learned that gray wolves may be removed from the Endangered Species Act.
Apparently congress has nothing better to do than worry about wolves.

Instead they want all the wolves dead. Ariel hunting, shooting wolves that have stepped over the invisible lines we have designated, are going on as you read this. There seems to be no hope for this beautiful creature.

Members of congress have no interest in learning why wolves are important to our ecosystem.
They provide such a marvelous balance between prey and predator, yet that point of fact is completely ignorned.


Why does the wolf have to pay for such true ignorance?

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My cardinal almost came upon my hand.
I held the seed in my glove and didn’t move.
We’ve tried this several days.
He’s thinking about it but hasn’t been quite brave enough to try.

One day, if I am patient
perhaps he will risk his fear.


Last Sunday we had 7 inches of snow.
Some places got 12 inches.

Today it is in the 50’s and almost all the snow is gone.
Isn’t nature amazing?


The wild cats are running.
Moaning under the bushes at night.

On the driveway, a big black moves under the shadow of the moon.

He’s seeking lust.

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Mini Thoughts–March 20

A messy, rainy day. The ground sighs, but human hearts are weary.
It’s been gray for so many days here. We’d like to see some sun.

The dog sleeps on her fleece blanket, all snuggled in her own warmth.
How I envy her contentment.

A vulture soars overhead. He’s bathing on the wing.

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Mini Thoughts–March 15

Seeing a lot of chickadees today. Those little flighty bursts of speed.
They dash, like sleet pellets in the wind, from limb to limb never slowing down.
So alive. How nice.


Anyone watching the television show SMASH? Love the singing, dancing and story line. Such a different world than mine, but I can feel their creative struggles and triumphs. Gives you hope.


The budget cuts have begun. Why is Congress not helping us by coming to a compromise?

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