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Mini Thoughts

How can we criticize President Obama for accepting a $400,000.00 speaking fee when we have elected a current President who is a billionaire? ūüĆé How can we be on the road ¬†to environmental ruin and think this is in our … Continue reading

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Earth Day Celebrate Our Planet

Tomorrow run in the grass, admire the flowers that are blooming along the roadways, and those sprouting in your backyard. Watch for the birds that fly and sing and fill our days with joy. Do what you can to conserve, … Continue reading

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Cougar Peacefully Caught in Seattle

Finally someone has made the right decision. A cougar was found in a Seattle city¬†park. The cat lived there for approximately two weeks before it was able to be captured. Instead of killing the animal, the Fish and Wildlife Department … Continue reading

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Wolves Lose Under Obama’s Administration

Well Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has made¬†his first bold step toward wolves. He has raised his white flag and agreed with the Bush administration’s last ditch effort to remove the wolves from their threatened and endangered status.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† How terribly disappointing. … Continue reading

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Endangered Species Act Gutted

It has happened. The Bush administration has made drastic changes to the Endangered Species Act. These changes leave large gaps in protection¬†for animals and plants that could become extinct in the near future. Despite receiving over 250,000 opposing comments from … Continue reading

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Wolf Video-Please Watch

The video attached about the aerial gunning of wolves isn’t pretty. Unfortunately it’s factual. Alaska’s aerial program has claimed the lives of over 800 wolves since it began four years ago. Please watch the video at http://SaveWolves.org/alaska. Once you are … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Tarsier?

I guess you’ve heard by now they found a pygmy tarsier. This prosimian primate was captured on¬†Indonesia’s Mount Rorekatimbo.¬†This¬†tiny fellow, who is roughly¬†the size of a mouse,¬†was thought extinct, and has not been seen for over 70 years. Prosimian primates … Continue reading

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