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Giving me your hand Was the first step In letting go Of the pain The distrust The memories Of all that had been before When there was no light No sunny skies No reaching for the strength That now leads … Continue reading

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She stopped on the side of the road and opened the door. She spoke softly, encouragingly. She reached out her hand offering a treat. The limping dog hesitated, then slowly came forward. Carefully she lifted it inside. One more rescue … Continue reading

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We were drowning ┬áin rain Praying for sun The robins and starlings splashed In ground puddles As the rivers grew Leaving highways filled With debris. We are so small Nature’s power so strong touching Us with little mercy once more.

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Today hopes resides in my heart.

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My cardinal almost came upon my hand. I held the seed in my glove and didn’t move. We’ve tried this several days. He’s thinking about it but hasn’t been quite brave enough to try. One day, if I am patient … Continue reading

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Mini Thoughts–Last Day of August

Here we are the full moon night only to be separated by the rain. There has been no rain for week after week but now it comes drenching the world covering the ground with hurricane tears.

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More Mini Thoughts–May 20th

Why is it every time I’m stuck inside the weather is super gorgeous? _______________________________________________ It might just be a show, but Private Practice’s season finale was so moving I couldn’t stop the tears, especially when Amelia held her son and … Continue reading

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