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Earth Day Celebrate Our Planet

Tomorrow run in the grass, admire the flowers that are blooming along the roadways, and those sprouting in your backyard. Watch for the birds that fly and sing and fill our days with joy. Do what you can to conserve, … Continue reading

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Dog and Cat Play

  Here’s to two playmates,  finding each other, engaging each other, and trying to see who is the “top” dog or cat. Which one do you think wins?

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Cat Photo-Want to Play? (feral cat journal # 55)

“Hey there. I was just thinking about you. Want to play?”    My baby is growing. By the proverbial leaps and bounds. My guess is that he weighs about 10-12 pounds by now. Not too bad considering he came to … Continue reading

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Cat Photo- “Howdy”

  “Hello There”   Two creatures finding balance……one human not wanting to risk too much….just enough to get the shot…     photo copyright 2010 envisionhope

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My Kitten-Saved (feral cat journal #54)

                  So here are some pictures of my little guy who once lived outside under the bushes and then my carport. How I wish I could have saved all the kittens that … Continue reading

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New Kitten (fereral cat journal #53)

Well, the rescued kitten is growing big. He has been neutered and vaccinated and is always on the move. There is nothing he doesn’t find. Or see. Or hear. It amazes me what he comes up with to do like … Continue reading

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Fresh From the Womb–FC Journal #52

    Huddling close little hearts and souls fresh from the womb fresh from the night,                                                  Fighting the life of wild suburbia mother nursing small meows and tiny tumbles. Leading the way in morning’s light small furry soldiers with infant growls … Continue reading

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