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Dog and Cat Play

  Here’s to two playmates,  finding each other, engaging each other, and trying to see who is the “top” dog or cat. Which one do you think wins? Advertisements

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Molly & Jason Get Wet/ Glenn Beck/ A Goodbye

What No Umbrellas? Molly is a sport, it can’t be denied. After standing in the pouring, blowing wind as she was speaking her vows, she kept her cool and her composure. As the audience put up their temporary shelters of … Continue reading

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Cat Comes Down With H1N1 Virus

Wow. Just read that the first domestic cat has been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. It appears that the cat got the virus from a family member who had come down with the strain. Since the cat is basically an … Continue reading

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Soup Spoon

Come into the kitchen see my favorite trick                                                     eating from the soup bowl high upon the niche. I wave to you with tail thumps I’m happy as a toddler reaching for the sun and though you scowl and pout at … Continue reading

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Kitten Feet—A Poem

You came to me a vision full of summer light and love You wrestled with my heart strings pulling me along You tiptoed past my past and entered in my future Sunshine of my heart You my little kitten.

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Elephants Whacked Under the Big Top

It seems that the Ringling Bros. Circus is at it again. After years of abuse allegations, there is new footage of elephants being hit and jabbed by handlers as they stand waiting to go into the show ring. The video, offered … Continue reading

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Cows Engineered To Produce Less Gas

  Scientists in Canada are trying to engineer a cow that will produce less  methane emissions. That’s right. Not only are we concerned about cars, it seems that cattle are a suspect as well. Since cattle poop, and produce methane, it … Continue reading

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