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She stopped on the side of the road and opened the door. She spoke softly, encouragingly. She reached out her hand offering a treat. The limping dog hesitated, then slowly came forward. Carefully she lifted it inside. One more rescue … Continue reading

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Should Children Receive the Swine Flu Vaccine?

As the H1N1 virus continues to invade our every thought, schools are trying to figure out what to do about it should the deadly illness encroach upon their terrain. It’s a hard call. Do you close a school because one … Continue reading

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The View Talks Embryos

So the debate raged today on, The View over whether frozen embryos are more important than an existing child. Of course they were referring to the octpulet mom and her choice to have her six remaining embryos implanted. Joy Behar commented that she … Continue reading

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Birthday Breakfast

  Having a birthday breakfast can be a wonderful thing. Especially if it comes from your slightly older sister and you’ve just turned three. Em announced that she wanted to give her brother a special egg breakfast, and could Grandma … Continue reading

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One Dust Pan + One 2 Year Old

Using a scissors is a really big deal. Especially when you aren’t even three years-old yet. My nephew, Zee has just learned that scissor cutting is great. I mean so great that he cuts anything nearby. Whether it be construction … Continue reading

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Lead Clothing Law

On February 10th, 2009 a new law goes into effect regarding products and clothing for children under 12. According to this law, all merchandise must be tested for lead before it is sold. Store owners who fail to comply could … Continue reading

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Security Pros Say, Take Your Child’s Picture Before You Shop

According to mall-security pros, it is recommend that you snap a photo of your child each time you go shopping. This photo enables you to remember what your child was wearing that day, and maybe even what he looks like. … Continue reading

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