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Giving me your hand Was the first step In letting go Of the pain The distrust The memories Of all that had been before When there was no light No sunny skies No reaching for the strength That now leads … Continue reading

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Little Thoughts–Jan 2013

I miss the Christmas lights and the happy music. There are still a few houses around that sport the greens and reds, sometimes I wish they would be present all year long, especially in winter. ________________ I heard the children … Continue reading

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So much to do So few hours How come the weekends give us so little time? ___________________________________ Wake up Be brave Try to smile Laugh out loud Wave to your neighbor Give happiness when all else fails.

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tumbling the way you make me feel every time you enter the room tumbling falling down around myself not knowing who I am or where I’m going always landing smack dab in your footsteps wishing I was stronger than I … Continue reading

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Bear Baiting-They Call This A Sport?

In Pakistan they like the sport of bear baiting. They tether a bear in an enclosure and then send groups of dogs to torment the bear. The bear is outnumbered and is bound by some sort of restraint like a … Continue reading

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Dog and Cat Play

¬† Here’s to two playmates, ¬†finding each other, engaging each other, and trying to see who is the “top” dog or cat. Which one do you think wins?

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Junk News

Junk news the kind filled with horror and remorse nobody cares, odd man out and about People musing facebooking, skyping, looking for each other rather than towards Young girl kidnapped lost for 72 hours, probably dead but found somewhere over … Continue reading

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