Missing Arnold

A friend of mine just lost her beloved guinea pig. I met Arnold only once. He was a small dutch-colored pig with crinkly whiskers. He was so gentle my friend could travel with him perched on her shoulder. I must admit it made me nervous at first, as guinea pigs are top-heavy, and pigs have been known to die instantly from a fall because they land on their heads. But, after seeing how well Arnold gripped on, I thought nothing more about it.

Arnold liked to snuggle behind a head of hair while sitting with his humans on a sofa or chair. He could be lifted and touched with ease, and I was envious of the fact that my orange and white furred female can hardly stand to be petted, much less picked up. She has never had a liking for being moved from place to place with fingers placed anywhere near her rear-end.

There is only one way that she tolerates being carried and that is if she’s wrapped tightly in a towel. Another friend from England recommended this method to me. He was a guinea pig expert who treated cavies and wrote books on the subject. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t, or couldn’t do for them, and his towel wrapping trick worked like a charm. It enables me to cut my girl’s toenails the proper way.

Meeting Arnold gave me a smile and I won’t soon forget his tiny little squeaks and delight in being part of the human experience. Rest in peace little man. Your momma loved you a lot.

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3 Responses to Missing Arnold

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely dedication. It really means a lot to me. Sniffsniffsniff. Sigh. He was so awesome. I’m so glad you guys got to meet. And he was truly amazing. Maybe it’s like my husband says, “he was a special little pigpig and he just had somewhere else to be.”

  2. envisionhope says:

    Somewhere else indeed…..

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